FX Trading in the UK

March 21, 2008

The recent budget changes, may affect how people trade fx and other commodities in the UK. It’s important to consider the CGT and IT aspects.

Other people are recommending UCITS III Funds..

Forex Trading Lessons – FREE!

March 19, 2008

You can get some great free FX lessons from the Online Trading Academy Today

Forex Trading Lessons

Update on FX Trading Guides for the UK

March 18, 2008

I spoke to the people behind the great FX trading site StartTradingFx.co.uk.

They have some really interesting ideas, and I’ve seen the new look which will be up in the site from April. It’s definitely going to shake things up and comes at a really exciting time.

They also told me about a competition that will leave those of you who like winning money with no risk, salivating..

So till then keep up the good work.. StartTradingFx.co.uk and if you want to Learn to Trade FX. check it out.

Start Trading FX

Start Trading FX has new look

February 8, 2008

StartTradingFX.co.uk has a new look, and much better features. This is definitely something to watch, and they have more articles coming soon, they said. I can’t wait.

Free forex trading account

February 6, 2008


Trade the fx markets currency trading for free Find details of free forex trading accounts

Find Day Trading Tips Online

February 6, 2008


Remember that we do not endorse these day trading tips resources.

www.daytradingtipsonline.com is designed to help collate all the online day trading tips, so if you have a service.. get in touch

Forex Trading Website updated

February 6, 2008

Start Trading FX your guide to the forex markets and how to trade them has been updated. New features. include user registration to get emailed competition updates, you can create and submit comments, articles and much more.

Check it out today if you are keen to get started in fx trading

Recommended by Begin Trading Forex.com

December 18, 2007

We’ve been cited as helping to inspire a new blogger at BeginTradingForex.com

It’s an interesting style of writing and will be interesting to see how this forex trader develops

Forex , FX, Currency News

November 7, 2007

www.forexnews.com : Macroeconomic views how the the economic calendar and central banks can affect the currency markets.

www.fxstreet.com : A daily listing of major daily currency analysis and forecasts with support and trading suggestion forecasts.

www.currencypro.com: A Forex Portal with excellent analysis on the Major Currency pairs.

Why should I start trading forex?

November 7, 2007

Here are some reasons.. are they good.. well that’s up to you..

  • Big Markets: Forex, Fx, and Currency Markets are huge, with c. $2 trillion USD trading on a daily basis. So you’re unlikely to face liquidity problems (ie want to trade but not be able to in the size you want to)
  • Low cost to get started: The entry point in terms of cost is very low (you can trade Forex, currency with only $1 or £1)
  • You can do it anywhere: Trade from home, the beach, anywhere you like
  • Flexible Trading Hours Markets Trade 24-7: The Forex markets trade 24/7 (usually) so you can trade whenever you like
  • Free Demo Accounts
  • Active Supportive Trading Community

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